Be a healthy example for your kids

For your kids and your GrandKids. Childhood obesity is rising faster than the national debt. About one in five school-age kids is obese-one in three in some cities.

You might even think that if “baby fat” is still accumulating in elementary school, kids don’t run the same scary health risks adults do. There’s time to turn things around, right?

Not so much.

Heart disease isn’t for grown-ups anymore. If  you have overweight preteens, they can have heart disease by age 15 or 16, according to new research. And while girls’ heart health seems to bounce back to normal if their weight does, in boys, cardio dangers can hang on.

Help your child get healthy now:

1. Do as I do: Kids are often like a video camera with the sound off-they tune out what you say but watch everything you do. If you and your partner are obese, there’s an 80-per-cent chance your kids will be, too. So ditch the junk and be a role model.

2. Relax as you eat: Family meals should be fun.  Playful conversation (“Hear any good jokes today?” “What super-power do you wish you had?”) allows everyone to slow down and savour the meal so the brain has time to signal, “You’re full” before you overeat.

3. Make life a playground: Pumping up activity is critical to losing weight. Turn off the TV and get the family outside for a game of touch football, sledding or just a walk around the block.

{YOU DOCS:Healthy Tips from Mehmet Oz, M.D. & Michael Roizen, M.D.}

It makes me most proud when my GrandKidlets are so active. I mark on my calendar the different workouts I have done throughout the week. To see my Grand daughter read how active her Grandma has been and to comment on it makes it all worthwhile for me. I hear them telling me on how they went for a walk with Mommy and Daddy and their dog. The stories on how hard they played or how hard they ran or a sport they are involved in.

My daughter joins me at the GYM on her day off and with her being active and myself I feel we are good fitness role models for our little people. It will benefit them for sure!!

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2 thoughts on “Be a healthy example for your kids

    • So good to hear!! Whatever you can do in this busy world is beneficial. My daughter has seen me working out since she was a little girl and now she works out and her daughter enjoys going for walks and she is into sports…and she is only 10. We do inspire our children along the way! Have a great day. :)

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