Pump Iron

The endless benefits of doing a daily 30-minute workout don’t just apply to your muscles. Research shows strength training helps keep bones healthy and strong—and reduces the risk of osteoporosis at all ages.

In one study, women who walked for at least four hours a week had a 40 percent reduced risk of hip fractures.

Make It a Habit:

Keep weights near the TV so you can do some bicep curls while you unwind. Or take dumbbells with you outside for a power walk; exposure to the sun gives us a healthy dose of Vitamin D, essential for strong bones.

~Source: Woman’s World Magazine


 I am off to the gym!! My 90 minute workouts three times a week, my runs and power walks all are beneficial to my health. God willing I am able to do all this fitness for many, many years to come. Happy Friday to you all!

  Merry Christmas

Before going to bed every night of the Christmas season, ask yourself, “Whose life did I make brighter today?”

~Source: “The Little Book of Christmas Joys” by H.Jackson Brown, Jr., Rosemary Brown, and Kathy Peel


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