About Me

About Me

Hello. My name is Irene. I live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I married my Best Friend/Soul Mate on August 22, 1970.  We have ‘grown up’ together and share a true bond.

I love to keep fit~ I am at the gym three times a week. A few times a week I head outdoors and enjoy power walking, running and stair climbing.  I take my iPod with me or enjoy listening to the “Sounds of Nature”.

I truly believe if one takes care of themselves the best they can and be “Body Smart” one will feel the benefits from it all.

I try my best to eat smart. I hope to inspire other Baby Boomers to stay fit and try to keep as healthy as possible. It benefits us so much as we age. I choose to use the term getting more mature, and not “old” or “older”.

I am a Spiritual Lady…Believe in God…try my best to always find “a Positive out of a negative”.

My Blog will be a mix of Inspiration, my beliefs, health tips, food tips, fitness tips and who doesn’t like a chuckle now and again. I try to post at least a few times throughout the week and on weekends will be a short post if life does not keep me too busy.

I love quotes and poems. I also believe in God and do not intend to offend anyone. If you do not believe in my ‘God’, think of a ‘Higher Power’.

If you pop in to read or follow my blog I thank you. I do apologize if I forget to thank any of you. There is so much to learn and I only hope to keep improving my blog as I have seen so many awesome blogs.

Many of my quotes are found on Pinterest and FaceBook. My own personal quotes will have my ©www.positiveboomer.net  on the photo and I ask that you do not take my photos.  Please do not reblog any of my post that have my personal family photos on them.

I try my best not to violate any copyright laws. If I have any content which infringes your copyrighted work please email me and I will be happy to remove such content.

I have a Facebook page~   www.facebook.com/positiveboomer

Thank-you for visiting my blog~   :)

152 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, my mom and I are thinking about moving out west to BC. Of course I thought of you for help. May I email you some questions and concerns we have-some answers just can’t be found on the internet. Thanks!

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  2. i am not the greatest believer of love and marriage and commitment but there’s just something about the photo of you and your better half. i just found myself smiling while staring at it. made me say to myself “i want that someday” STAY INSPIRED and KEEP ON INSPIRING :)

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    • I have 2 Grand Kidlets and they call me “Gamma”. I was born in Quebec and called my grandparents, Memere and Pepere. Have a great day Joy. Enjoying your page. :) Renee

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    • Thank-you for thinking about me, although I had to stop accepting awards, as it was slowing me down from moving forward. I hope you will understand. Thanks so much for following my blog. All the best to you. Renee :)

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