One Way To Do It


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Hi Everybody. It seems to me like I am having struggles with getting back in the swing of things with blogging.

I have been trying to keep learning and tweak my blog as I go along. Again I have to keep mentioning my blog helper, Donah .  I appreciate this lady so much as she has guided me and given me tips.  Thanks so much my friend.  Another beauty blog to visit also with plenty of blogging tips.

We are done in my family with all the August birthdays.  My daughter was on the 7th and then my Hubby and grand daughter both share the 12th.

August 22nd my Hubby and I celebrated our 44th wedding Anniversary. Sometimes one can make plans and they just don’t turn out like we would like them to.  We spent our evening in the hospital.

My Hubby had come in from work and was only home half an hour when he collapsed on our kitchen floor.

Oh my gosh! What a scary feeling to watch all these medics working on my Man.   I was grateful that our daughter was here and for God giving me strength to cope. Our son is a truck driver and he was on the road.  It was one of those times we were happy to be able to connect with him via technology.

Heat stroke, COPD and other issues. We were home by midnight after many tests and an x-ray. He has to follow up now with his family doctor and then we go from there.  It is tough when you don’t have all the answers.

I am not mentioning any of this for sympathy. I only wanted to share a bit about us and hopefully I can get back to my blogging.

To be totally honest at times it is difficult for me to  “Let Go and Let God” as I am a real worrier.

On another note I am so grateful that I keep up with my fitness throughout my life as it sure helps me cope with stress and worry. This morning I enjoyed a 5K Run and with my endorphin high it will help me to keep on smiling.

Just for today……………………  I will try hard to turn things over to my Higher Power and have a more relaxing day.

I wish you a wonderful day as well~

4 thoughts on “One Way To Do It

  1. Indeed you never know what is coming. So live every moment to the full. I wish you , your hubby all the best and a fast recovery! Be strong Renee and keep your fitness up!

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