You Make Me Smile

I have a grateful heart



I wanted to take this moment to just say, ‘thank-you’ for visiting my blog and to those of you that leave a comment.

It means so much.

Have a blessed day and enjoy your day to the fullest.

Always remember to count your blessings and smile~

What Did Pooh Say?

      “Sometimes”, said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”


A beautiful sunset photo taken by my son-in-law while working in Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Have a fabulous weekend.

No matter what is going on in your life, be grateful.

There really is something to be grateful for.

Take a moment.


You will find that positive.

Remember to look for a positive out of a negative.

It may take awhile to find it.

There always is a positive to be found.

It will fill your heart~

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


~Source:  Sixties-and-60

Merry Christmas to you that are celebrating this time of year.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas Day, I wish you a blessed day as well.

Thank-you so much to all of you that have taken a moment to look at my blog.

Thank-you to my followers and my new followers.

I appreciate you all.

Christmas time is a time to count our blessings.

I know I sure have a grateful heart full of love and kindness.

Have an amazing weekend~

We Remember

Lest We Forget

Remembering all those who have made sacrifices, especially those who gave their lives, so that the rest of us could live in freedom.

With gratitude~


We Remember~Canada

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I Don’t Think of All The


But of the


That Still Remains

~Anne Frank


Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving  photo 17

It is Thanksgiving weekend in my world. I do know that many of my American friends celebrate Thanksgiving Day in November.

For many years we did get together as a family, my children, my grand kidlets and some of my siblings. It seems as the years move on, we are not able to all connect at the same time.

We do make the best of it all and enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

I am thankful for my family, my health and the love my husband and I share.

Many blessings come my way every single day.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and let us all remember to count our many blessings.

If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful weekend just the same.

I have a grateful heart


Happy 43rd Anniversary

August22 1970

I Matter Because

I’m ME,

And YOU Matter

Because YOU Are


And Each

of US

Make The


More Beautiful

In Our Own


~Jennifer Gayle

~Source: Know You Are Enough

Soul Mates




August 22, 1970


I love you so much~

Remember What’s Important~


We were so young

We have grown up together

We have learnt so much

We had many obstacles along the way

We remained strong

We were determined to get through it all

We are both grateful

We can look at each other with a big smile and a spark in our eyes,

We are more ‘in love’ than yesterday.


Thank-you to all my followers and new followers. All your comments are appreciated.

We are going away for a week and I will return to my blog in the Fall.

I wish all good things to come your way~

Live By Them

   “As we express our GRATITUDE we must never forget that the highest APPRECIATION is not to utter words, but to LIVE by them.”~John F. Kennedy

photo 15

The Right Puppy Size

This is a beautiful email shared with me and I really want to share it with all of YOU. Thank-you to my brother-in-law George.

I take no credit for any of these lovely photos. This is so heart warming, brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face. I hope it brightens your day as well.



Puppy Size
This is one of the neatest stories you will ever hear. You will know precisely what this little girl is talking about at the end. Danielle keeps repeating it over and over again.

We’ve been back to this animal shelter at least five times.It has been weeks now since we started all of this,’ the mother told the volunteer.
‘What is it she keeps asking for?’ the volunteer asked.

‘Puppy size!’ replied the mother.
‘Well, we have plenty of puppies, if that’s what she’s looking for.’ ‘I know… We have seen most of them,’the mom said in frustration.

Just then Danielle came walking into the office .
‘Well, did you find one?’ asked her mom.
‘No, not this time,’ Danielle said with sadness in her voice.

‘Can we come back on the weekend?’
The two women looked at each other, shook their heads and laughed .

‘You never know when we will get more dogs. Unfortunately, there’s always a supply,’ the volunteer said.

Danielle took her mother by the hand and headed to the door. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll find one this weekend,’ she said.
Over the next few days both Mom and Dad had long conversations with her.

They both felt she was being too particular. ‘It’s this weekend or we’re not looking anymore,’ Dad finally said in frustration.
‘We don’t want to hear anything more about puppy size, either,’ Mom added.

Sure enough, they were the first ones in the shelter on Saturday morning . By now Danielle knew her way around, so she ran right for the section that housed the smaller dogs.
Tired of the routine, mom sat in the small waiting room at the end of
the first row of cages. There was an observation window so you could see the animals during times when visitors weren’t permitted.
Danielle walked slowly from cage to cage, kneeling periodically to take a closer look. One by one the dogs were brought out and she held each one.

One by one she said, ‘Sorry, but you’re not the one.’It was the last cage on this last day in search of the perfect pup. The volunteer opened the cage door and the child carefully picked up the dog and held it closely. This time she took a little longer.

‘Mom, that’s it! I found the right puppy! He’s the one! I know it!’ She screamed with joy. ‘It’s the puppy size!’

‘But it’s the same size as all the other puppies you held over the last few weeks,’ Mom said.

‘No not size… The sighs. When I held him in my arms, he sighed,’ she said.’Don’t you remember?

When I asked you one day what love is, you told me love depends on the sighs of your heart. The more you love, the bigger the sigh!’

The two women looked at each other for a moment. Mom didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As she stooped down to hug the child, she did a little of both.

‘Mom, every time you hold me, I sigh. When you and Daddy come home from work and hug each other, you both sigh.

I knew I would find the right puppy if it sighed when I held it in my arms,’ she said. Then, holding the puppy up close to her face, she said, ‘Mom, he loves me. I heard the sighs of his heart!’


Close your eyes for a moment and think about the love that makes you sigh. I not only find it in the arms of my loved ones, but in the caress of a sunset, the kiss of the moonlight and the gentle brush of cool air on a hot day.

They are the sighs of God. Take the time to stop and listen; you will be surprised at what you hear.

‘Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’
I hope your life is filled with Sighs!!

Appreciate every single thing you have.

Life is too short.

Love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t.

I Appreciate You!!!

Love Depends on the Sighs of Your Heart

I am grateful to have a heart full of sighs. I thank God for each day and every day that I get to  share with my husband, my children and my grandkidlets. 

May you have a blessed Friday and take a moment to count your blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day Thoughts

The only thing better than having you for a MOM is my children having you for a GRANDMA~

~Source: The only thing better than

My daughter had put this on my facebook wall and it deeply touched my heart. It is Mother’s Day in my part of the world. To all you wonderful Moms that are celebrating on Sunday, May 11,2013.

I am looking forward to enjoying my day with my children and grandkidlets.

I am proud to be your ‘Momma’


A picture with my daughter from a few years back.

I am proud to be your “Lil Mama”


A picture taken at my Son’s wedding, two years ago. What a special moment deeply sketched in my heart. It is truly one of those times that I call, “Heart Prints”.

Play. Play and Play!


My grand daughter and grand son being playful.

What are big sisters for? It is a good thing he is easy going and has a great sense of humor..

Enjoy your day~